There are several reasons why editing your hosts file makes sense to improve your speed when connecting over the network. You may also encounter situations where the hosts file is not working as it was intended to and is causing connection failures or other issues with your network traffic. My hosts file is ignored until I have a network connection on my laptop. Once I connect to a network, everything works as expected.

The best method is to use your computer’s hosts file to bypass the usual DNS lookup. This forces your machine to view the domain on the IP address that you specify. It will only work for your computer, so all other users will see the live version of the site.

  • It is not new to Windows 10, but Windows 10 uses the same indexer-powered search like its predecessors although it uses a different algorithm and a different database.
  • This method allows you to download and install the latest Redistributable Packages.
  • Here is a complete guide on how to factory reset your Windows PC without any hassle.
  • Importantly, creating a vhdx or vhd on Windows 10 is no longer a complicated process.

If it detects anything out of place that hasn’t been modified by a user or authorized program it replaces the file with the original. In pre Creators Update Windows systems, you will see a few Service Host services with multiple processes within them. After the Creators Update, you now see many more Service Hosts with individual services within them. The idea was to make the troubleshooting process easier by ungrouping them.

Using The Scanhealth Option

But, how to factory reset the laptop when you cannot log into Windows system? The solution is also included in this post. This is how to reset Windows 11 PC to factory settings, which usually solves most of your system problems.

If any of these services are stopped then you need to enable them manually. You can find below the steps to fix this problem. Substitute the drive letter you noted earlier for . There should be no square brackets in the command .

Solved: How To Reset A Password In Windows 10 Without Using A Reset Disk

You can press and hold the Power button on your PC for 10 seconds to turn off the computer, then turn on the PC by pressing the Power button again. Besides, sometimes if you can’t start Windows 10 PC normally, but you can still start Windows 10 in Safe Mode. This makes it a good option to troubleshoot problems of PC, e.g. blue screen, black screen because of malware, virus infection, or inferior hardware drivers. There are two versions of Safe mode in Windows 10; Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Networking. Microsoft Support uses Safe Mode in Windows 10 for troubleshooting issues you might be having with Windows 10. By starting your PC in Safe Mode, you start Windows 10 in a bare-bones state, often limiting the number of files and drivers available to you.

Bootstrap Loader

Depending on your situation, decide carefully. In this case, I’ll be going with the “Remove everything” option. If there are multiple USB flash drives connected to the computer, select the right one from the list. If you have an installation disk of your Windows 10 system, this method will come in handy.