Users from all over the world keep asking this question. If the new features and offerings are big enough to sway you, we don’t see why you shouldn’t make the switch. Most of the features in the OS, from the visual cues to the integrations, are layered over Windows 10’s core.

The Web Folders client provides functionality similar to FTP. Just run the Dismount-VHD cmdlet to unmount your virtual hard disk. Enter to access the command-line disk partitioning utility. Next, choose “Run whether the user is logged on or not” and also “Run with highest privileges” option. Right-click the drive button on the far-left side, and select the Detach VHD option.

  • Just to reiterate, UUP dump is not intended to be used as an official source for Microsoft ISO files.
  • In this article, I am going to show you every pros and con of taking screenshots in Windows 10.
  • Remember that when you read the contents of my .bat file — I moved both temp folders to the I drive named Ntemp.

This is all, using the steps explained above you can easily take a screenshot on an HP laptop. If you don’t want to use TweakShot, you can use the keyboard shortcuts. However, if you want to capture and edit the screenshot at the same time using TweakShot is the best idea. The tool will help save time and will also let you record gameplay and other activities.

Leave the other options as is, and click on “START” at the bottom to begin the process. On the download screen, choose the desired language and click on “Next”. Numerous aspects to improve the quality of life of its users, as well as all the other interesting features that it’s bringing to the table.

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But, provided you keep it switched on, you can just leave Windows to sort everything out for you. In this article you will find detailed instructions on how to download Windows 11 either to a USB drive to perform a clean installation of Windows 11 , or to an ISO file. In both Windows 11 and 10, all the windows for one program are represented by a single taskbar button. So, if you have four Chrome browser windows open, there’s just one for all of them. However, in Windows 10, there was an option to give each Window its own button, complete with the window title in it.

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Just as Often, this selection is simply based on the user login information from the security file info (UserName / Group), so the process is “transparent” to the user. A network drive is a storage device on a local access network within a business or home. Within a business, the network drive is usually located on a server or a network-attached storage device. If the drive has enough capacity, it can also be used to back up all the computers on the network. Runtime errors are Windows errors that occur during “runtime”.

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To learn more, read Improve Build Speed with Build Cache. If you have an Android device, deleting your Discord app’s cache is a bit easier. Android devices have the ability to clear the cache from any app, just by going to the device’s app settings. Within your device’s app settings, you’ll have the option to clear each individual app’s cache with just a few simple steps. Clearing DNS cache deletes all saved DNS lookup information. Your computer then gets updated data from DNS servers next time it sends a lookup request.