We deal with installation of the equipment for air conditioning, restaurant and kitchen ventilation, smoke extraction in garages; electric and hot-water underfloor and wall heating. There is also central heating with pellet fuel boilers, pyrolysis, gas and condensing boilers, solar systems for hot water and pool heating, which can be implemented in support of the central heating. Fire sprinkler systems and elevators are also part of the offer. The systems are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. We prepare preliminary and design technical documentation, supervision, revision of technical documentation, technical acceptance of facilities, development of studies and offers.


Air conditioning is a process of treating the air in a certain space with the aim of creating appropriate conditions for accommodation of people and other living beings in it. In a wider sense, the term can refer to any form of cooling, heating, ventilation or disinfection, which change the condition of air.

Air conditioning as technical branch includes technical procedures for achieving the desired parameters of air, as well as their maintenance in space using thermo-technical devices all year round.

We design and offer a wide range ofwell-known air conditioning brands. Our wide offer includes: DAIKIN, FUJITSU, LG, TOSHIBA, HIDRIA, VIVAX, MIDEA etc.

Air conditioning systems: split, multi split systems and VRV systems.




Mechanical ventilation is a forced replacement ofair indoors through vertical ducts on mechanical drive using ventilators. Such ventilation is carried out in an area with strong winds or in the period when there is no natural ventilation,i.e. when it is not effective enough. The advantages of such ventilation systems are: it is not dependent on weather conditions, there is a wide selection of equipment, it has the regulation option.

We install ventilation for residential and commercial buildings, restaurants, kitchens, garages, saunas, fitness centres, hotels...

Offer of ventilation systems- fans for home use(kitchen hoods, bathroom fans) as well as ventilators for industrial use.

We offer the products of Systeamair, Soler&Palau, Vortice, Jakka...


Systems with forced and natural circulation. Systems for preparation of domestic hot water, pool heating etc.

Solarni Sistemi

Centralno Grijanje


Wood-fuel boilers, pellet, pyrolysis boilers... Viessmann, Radijator Kraljevo, Centrometal, Herz etc.


Extreme comfort in your home. Brands we design and offer: Devi, Rehau, floor cables, underfloor heating mats with intelligent thermostats, control via BMS, central, mobile apps etc. Offer of cables for electric underfloor heating with all types of thermostats.

Električno Podno Grijanje

Bonpet Ampule


The most effective product for fire extinguishing in small and closed facilities without the need for constant presence, but also a fire-fighting product with aesthetic design

- self-activated

- 10 years warranty

- no need for maintenance

- useful for all class A,B,F fires

- harmless for people and environment (without halon)

Download our Bonpet_katalog_srpski.



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